Ordering drugs and buying online on the Internet

How can you order drugs on the Internet? And where can you buy drugs on the street in any city? What do you need to know about buying drugs online in Darknet and why are they so cheap? All these and other questions are answered in detail in this intensively researched article.

buy drugs Darknet

Basically there are 3 possibilities to buy drugs:

1.) Ordering drugs in a serious online smartshop
=> sends in his country legal drugs worldwide Is the most popular variant – substitute drugs have the same or even stronger effect than the original thanks to structural-chemical similarity without attracting attention in the drug test!

2.) Buy drugs online in Darknet
=> all illegal drugs are available cheaply and in high quality – however, it requires a little more effort (Bitcoin purchase) and therefore only few users practice.


Advantages and disadvantages of buying drugs in Darknet

Buying drugs in Darknet has advantages and disadvantages. These are listed below.


+ huge selection of all drugs (even rare ones like opium or hashish oil)
+ lower prices (especially for larger quantities)
+ high quality and purity (because there are no middlemen stretching the fabric)
+ convenient online shopping without having to leave the house

drugs online Darknet


– EVERY darknet portal will be busted by the police sooner or later (but if they are only interested in the big fish, unless they have the address data of their small customers)
– requires self-initiative and autodidactic (buy Bitcoins and find Darknet addresses)
– Package could be discovered by police (but it happens only rarely, but every now and then)
– at Exit-Scam the money is gone (Exit-Scam = dealer or portal simply disappears)
– possible carelessness of the merchant with your data (e.g. addresses not irrevocably deleted and thus on his PC, which has already led to some advertisements with buyers)

While reasons for Silk Road use accord with broader online commerce trends (range, quality, convenience, ratings), its appeal to drug purchasers is moderated by country‐specific deterrents and market characteristics.

While the reasons for using Silk Road (the first major dark drug market) are consistent with the broader trends in online trafficking (reach, quality, convenience, ratings), the attractiveness for drug buyers is limited by country-specific deterrents and market characteristics.

In plain language, the advantages of online trading are also transferred to drug trafficking in darknet. However, the persecutory measures of the own state in which one lives limit the use of such Darknet drug markets as well as specific characteristics of the domestic market (e.g. if certain substances are not offered and available for sale in a region).

Darknet Marketplace


Prices of drugs in darknet

The price of drugs in darknet mainly depends on the purity or quality and quantity. Small quantities such as 1g cost the dealer a lot of effort (packaging material, parcel post, shipping costs, etc.). Therefore the prices fall rapidly the more you order.

In the following table we have listed the average prices for drugs of rather small quantities and provided a screenshot. Basis were offers from the Darknetshop or drug portal “Dream Market”. But the prices are the same in all markets and become cheaper the more you order. The information on purity will not always be completely accurate, but compared to the street quality at the dealer’s many levels of purity and unstretched. This makes it much cheaper than buying offline.


Safe buying drugs online & safe ordering

In order to be able to buy and order drugs online with maximum security, a few manual tricks are required. We will discuss these in the following. But please note that we strongly advise against buying drugs on the Deebweb! Over late or long, every such platform is disbanded and busted by the police.

drugs online Darknet

Even though the Tor Browser and normal Bitcoins are usually sufficient as a small consumer and non-major dealer, you could add a VPN for absolute anonymity. The Bitcoins could also be washed, for example with a Bitcoin mixer.

The greatest source of danger when buying drugs online and ordering in darknet is the shipping phase. However, over 99% of all Darknet orders reach their destination undiminished. We ourselves did the test and sent 2 packages from Amsterdam with about 20 grams of bought weed and hash from the coffee shop to Germany. Both of them arrived quickly – but you only get such Amsterdam Coffeeshop quality when you are on holiday or on the Deepweb.