Buying drugs in Darknet is very easy and you can get everything from amphetamines to Xanax. Surely you’ve heard a lot about buying drugs in Darknet, about Bitcoins and the TOR-Browser and maybe the Bitcoins or the TOR-Browser scared you off because you thought it was too hard.

Yes it’s true – the Nightmare Market ran an exit scam. Since one week it’s not possible anymore to get your Bitcoins paid at Nightmare Market because the operators have run an exit scam.

Empire Market


LINK TO THE MARKET PLACE: http://7cu43grmlgvgaerj.onion

Empire Market is currently the largest Darknet marketplace in terms of number of customers and vendors, and product numbers. The Empire Market is very similar to the former largest of all marketplaces – Alphabay Market.

In reality it is super easy:

1.) Exchange Euros into Bitcoins

2.) Download and install the Tor Browser

3.) Call Darknet Drugs Marketplace

4.) make a purchase

5.) Waiting for the postman to come

Before we go into detail here about how to order drugs in Darknet, we explain the 5 steps very briefly and concisely.


Darknet drug selection

// Exchange Euros for Bitcoins
You can buy Bitcoins on sites that are absolutely uncomplicated. Here you enter the amount in Euros for which you want to receive Bitcoins and an address where the Bitcoins should be sent.
You have the possibility to pay with Paypal, bank transfer, credit card or instant bank transfer

// Tor Browser – .onion domains
The Tor Browser is indispensable for buying drugs on Darknet, because only with this browser can you access the Darknet marketplaces where drugs are offered. A Tor Browser is exactly the same as Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Internet Explorer, or Microsoft Edge.
There is one small difference, though, because with the Tor Browser you can view domains ending in .onion.
All Darknet Drug sites and Darknet Drug Marketplaces use the .onion extension, and never an extension like .com, .de, or .net.
The main advantage of the TOR browser, however, is that no one can determine from where you access it, so you can visit the online drug marketplaces anonymously and buy drugs online without anyone noticing.

Here is an example of a Darknet address: http://nworefnsjlnvisdkn.onion
These addresses, which end with .onion, can only be accessed with the TOR browser

To make it easier for you, we use so-called short URLs like

// Call Darknet Drugs Marketplace
Currently there are two big marketplaces where you can buy drugs in Darknet – the Dream Market and the Nightmare Market.


// Making a purchase
Darknet drug marketplaces work just like Amazon, eBay or other shopping sites, with one small difference – you need to have a balance of the amount you want to buy drugs for on Darknet.

Darknet Drug Assortment

The marketplaces in Darknet where you can buy drugs online really offer everything, not only drugs like amphetamine, cocaine, hashish, marijuana, speedpaste, Viagra, XTC pills, but also many other illegal products and services. In addition, buying drugs in Darknet is really easy, because for all products there is the possibility to evaluate the products, why of course, each of the drugs in Darknet would like to sell, of course, gives a lot of effort to satisfy his customers.

The dispatch of the drugs usually takes only two to three working days.

Empire Market

// Buying drugs in Darknet
You see – ordering drugs online at Darknet is really easy.

In our step-by-step instructions on how to buy drugs in Darknet, which you can find in the right menu, you can now take your first steps in Darknet with ease.